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About Us

About Us

About our business Firm


Ethnikala - Adorn Our Heritage is a brand owned by M/s AGARWAL DIGICOMMERCE PVT LTD company. The company isn't just a business venture; it's a deeply personal commitment fuelled by passion and a sense of duty and a company that carries the torch of innovation of ideas and service forward by the Ex-Servicemen of Indian Armed Forces. Ethnikala brings curated collection of diverse Ethnic Apparels and Accessories handcrafted by the Artisans. It features thoughtful and unique fashion statement to all Bhartiya, that are sure to bring smiles to you and your loved one’s. From Medium Budget to Premium quality, we have collection that suits everyone’s pocket. Our experts handpick each item, ensuring only the finest quality and most exciting options make it to our shelves. Say goodbye to stress of guessing, hopping market-to-market and say ‘Hello’ to joyful shopping at Ethnikala. Shop now and make every moment unforgettable with the each order from Ethnikala! Adorn Our Heritage and redefine the World’s fashion statement. “Ethnikala cannot Change the World, the Women who adorn their product Will!!”

Our Mission

We endeavour to create a vibrant collection of ethnic wears and accessories, bringing the artistry of Bharatiya textiles and craftsmanship to national and global audience. We partner with skilled weavers, embroiderers, designers and the entities employing them to curate a stunning collection of traditional clothing and accessories. By doing so, we not only empower artisans but also enable customers, both domestic and worldwide to embrace the beauty and diversity of Bharatiya Tradition and Attire. From sarees and kurti sets to footwears and accessories, our platform offers an extensive range of products to add glamour to your personality.


Our Vision

Our aim extends beyond financial success. Yes, we aspire to build a thriving business,but more importantly, we are dedicated to making a difference. Our vision is to promote and preserve Bharat's rich artisanal heritage while tapping into the global market and proliferate the Bhartiya rich ethnic fashion Worldwide. We envision to become a globally recognized fashion brand known for its commitment to creativity, sustainability, and inclusivity. We envision a future where our products not only adorn bodies but also reflect our dedication to environmental responsibility, social progress, and timeless elegance.


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